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During my trial, Mr. LaFratta executed our plan flawlessly and dominated the courtroom. I would recommend with ease, Mr. LaFratta to anyone and I know he would put the same liveliness and determination into his work as he did for me.
Lyndsay Manz

Hopefully we will never need a criminal attorney again. However, if faced with that, Michael LaFratta would certainly be the first attorney we turn to. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Michael LaFratta.
Anita Wehmeyer Grabowski

As our daughter’s attorney, he worked as hard for her as he would for any of his clients. In the courtroom he was respected by his peers. Since our daughter’s court appearance, Michael is still answering our questions and helps to find resolutions for us – promptly and without hesitation.
Anita and Dave

Michael LaFratta has to be one of the most professional, and versed attorneys I have ever met. Mike is straightforward and tactful with every comment he makes in the courtroom. He will continue to make you feel comfortable with any argument that will arise with his quick and accurate responses. He will listen to you and any concerns you may have. Mike’s work ethic is unrivaled.

Best lawyer experience ever. Michael knew the laws/procedures surrounding my case and educated me and helped me come to a decision on how to proceed. He was knowledgeable, approachable, unbiased, intelligent, savvy in the court procedures in my jurisdiction, articulate and honest. I have dealt with 5 or 6 lawyers to date and Michale was by far my best experience.

Mr. LaFratta, I have to say has been the only lawyer I’ve met that cared and treated me with respect. He made sure I was ok, he made sure the judge heard my side, and made sure it was vocalized professionally. In my opinion, he is the best lawyer I’ve met. Most lawyers come in and tell you what they think, and you sit and pray things go your way. Mr. LaFratta makes sure you are heard and treated with dignity and respect.

Mike was with me every step of the way. From the initial phone call to walking out of court, I could count on him. He answered all my questions with honesty and sincerity while guiding me through my case successfully, always keeping my best interests at the forefront. Mike is very knowledgeable and aware of the law, courts, and his peers. He is very sharp and aggressive and willing to do what is necessary to prove his argument and appease his clients.

You know that you are in excellent hands when you walk into the courtroom and one of the first things that the judge says to you is “Ma’am, you have a very good attorney”. Michael LaFratta hit the ground running, fighting for me and my case from day one. Because of his genuine compassion, his savvy courtroom brilliance, his dedication to justice and his thorough understanding of the law, this is the man who will reach the best possible outcome on your case.

I found Mr. LaFratta to be very honest, knowledgeable, a fighter and at the same time very professional. Highly recommend him!

Mr. LaFratta was referred to me by another attorney that did some work for me on a real estate matter. He did not disappoint. Very professional, proficient, and competent attorney that represented me on a traffic violation. I was extremely happy to finally work with someone who provided the same level of service that I provide my own clients daily. If you’re reading this post, you can be assured Mr. LaFratta is a top-notch attorney. And yes, I would hire him again!

I had a case a couple years back. The charges I had been facing were pretty serious drug charges and I had a scale with money on me. It looked all bad. He got me off – no probation, no jail time or anything!