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Expungement In Virginia: Clearing Your Criminal Record

Nobody wants a criminal record hanging over their head for life. Arrests and court proceedings are public records, even if they don’t lead to a conviction. They will show up on background checks and can seriously limit your opportunities for employment, education, housing and more. Expungement can offer a path toward freedom from the burdens of a criminal record.

If you’re looking to clear your record, turn to expungement attorney Michael La Fratta for guidance. He’s an award-winning lawyer in Charlottesville with over a decade of experience. He understands the many nuances of Virginia’s criminal law, including its harsh and confusing stance on expungement.

Guidance On The Shifting Landscape Of Virginia’s Expungement Laws

Currently, Virginia law only allows expungement if your charges were dismissed, dropped or if you were acquitted or not prosecuted. Unfortunately, you can’t clear a conviction under the current law, which is one of the strictest stances in the nation.

However, change is on the horizon. A new law going into effect in 2025 will expand the options for record sealing and expungement. It even provides for automatic expungements under certain conditions.

With the law in flux, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced expungement attorney like Michael La Fratta. He can help you take action now if you qualify and prepare for options that may be available down the road.

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